Opera Mini

Save up to 90% of your data whilst browsing the web with Opera-Mini!


Surf the Internet must faster on your mobile devices, even with a poor Internet connection.

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to Google, this is the app that you have been waiting for. Here is a version of Opera Mini that is easy to download on your smartphone or tablet. It does not take up much space at all and it is known for its ability to perform quickly, even when your WiFi connection is less than stellar. You will find that this browser automatically blocks those advertisements that have annoyed for far too long. This allows you to easily download your important videos from social media that you have been dying to watch. You can also share files with other users right from the app.

With Opera Mini, you are able to send and receive any files that you want. This is done securely even with no Internet connection. It will not use any of your data either. To use this feature, you simply scan another Opera Mini user's QR code and then transfer anything you want to them in a matter of seconds. You can also enter into a private Internet session and surf the Web anonymously with Opera Mini.